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Dvd player hookup to tv and cable box

dvd player hookup to tv and cable box

3, and when you want to watch a DVD just turn on the DVD Player. However, it depends on the input/output combinations of each component. It sounds like you're trying to hook AV awesome cables from your DVD player to your TV which only has an AC input. Cable In, Antenna In or Coax In jack. These can be found in the electronics department of most stores, or at Radio Shack. How To, home Theater, richard Levine / Contributor/Getty Images, connecting a digital cable box, VCR, and DVD player to a TV that doesn't have. Video In terminal(s) on your VCR. Find the red, yellow and white jacks andattach them to the proper wires.

(There are typically two AC plugs on a VCR, one is input the other output.) Look on your VCR for AV input. If you do not have coax connectors on either device, or you would simply prefer to use. If your TV is capable, the operating instructions should give you connection details and menu instructions. If you have both connectors, use the hdmi as it provides far better quality in standard definition and is normally the only port that supports high definition, if the cable box and television handle HD of course. Connect the TV converter output to the receiver's TV input. In ports on the RF modulator.