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22 gauge stranded hookup wire

22 gauge stranded hookup wire

BWG.109000.,880.658778.5 AWG.107979.74267.,659.129581.65.104331.,884. Flexible and insulation wrap cable, tin-plated copper breadboard jumper cable for any electronic test use. BWG.035000.,224.964818.5 AWG.033900.86106.5 20 22 1,149.176995.85.033465.,119. SWG.006000.998966.5 AWG.005900.14986.

Stranded, shielding, red / Black / Green, wire Grade. AWG.003100.609724.5 AWG.003000.07620. 6 Conductors 24 awg Solid Copper. SWG.010800.636650.5 AWG.010600.26924. The rolling stripping machine is solid steel, and equipped with serration peeling roller. AWG.015900.802739.4.015748.992381.5 AWG.015000.38100. AWG.045300.,052.031064.15.045275.,049.766754.12.044094.,944.260271.1.043300.,874.836153.5 AWG.042700.08458.5 18 20 1,823. BWG.028000.977484.71.027953.330997.7.027600.738122.5 AWG.026900.68326.589218.65.025600. That verdigris patina really stands out in the yard or when wrapped around a makeshift bird bath. Widely use for laptop, motherboard, LCD display, breadboard, electronic test and other PCB soldering fly line.

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