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Disneyland hookup

disneyland hookup

(Gina Tognoni). Hell tell her mom about the photo and undoubtedly stir up suspicions again. Alexis will reiterate that she doesnt want any other surprises. Phyllis is keeping a big secret of her own, but she can be a hypocrite at times. If so, Summer could make her move. Bensch (James DePaiva) could blow that plan for them. General, hospital (GH) spoilers tease that a dangerous secret is on the verge of exposure.

Since Scotty plans on tanking this thing, hell be in a tight spot. Something tells us a courtroom shocker will be unleashed! Phyllis main issue may be the fact that Billy hid things with manipulative Summer. Obviously, that sounds like a terrible idea. Kiki has to be honest if she wants a real shot at a victory. Thats especially true now that Summers (Hunter King) in town. Phyllis loves Billy, so its tough to imagine her turning her back on him over a few poker games.

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Naturally, the proof is that photo of Griffin and Kiki. Shell immediately confront Kiki and wonder why she left out this potentially scandalous tidbit. Tom Cruise is one of your Top 5 favorite lovers. Theres a good chance Billy will tell some fibs and set himself up for more trouble. Sadly, The Young and the Restless fans know Billy doesnt make great choices. Cher even said she knew "who." While the audience screamed for him to spill some tea, he refused, said "I women looking for sex today can't" and took a gulp of that sickening smoothie.