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Hei vacuum advance hookup

hei vacuum advance hookup

providing the correct degree of spark advance at any point in time based on engine load, to deal with both lean and rich mixture conditions. For example, Pertronix offers an adjustable vacuum advance canister that bolts in place of the stock canister. So at light cruise, such as running down the highway, the engine is making much less power than it would at this same rpm at WOT. Ported vacuum advance adds a second acceleration timing curve to the engine, to help make ultra lean combustion more complete, at the cost of efficiency, cooling and fuel economy.

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hei vacuum advance hookup

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Parts Geek has discount auto parts accessories for both older and newer model cars). And clear up into the 70's, it looking for sex in Santa Ana was a reason. But at WOT, the vacuum drops to near zero and vacuum advance is removed and the total timing then is established by the initial plus the mechanical advance. Right now the engine has. Manifold vacuum, so those cans dont work very well on a modified engine; with less than. In a supercharged application, make sure the vacuum feed to the distributor is located underneath the blower. So based on this, you can see that having a curve in the distributor along with vacuum advance is a good thing as it reduces low-speed timing where the engine might detonate with too much timing but it can also benefit from more timing. In this example of an Edelbrock aluminum carburetor, the manifold vacuum port should be used for vacuum advance to the distributor and not the timed vacuum for our Chevelles. Once tuned properly, you may notice the engine does not require as much throttle to cruise at the same speed.

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HEI advance on ported or manifold vacuum?