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for the year ending July 31, 2017, your Date Next Eligible is June 30, 2018. To make a connection, go to the Add Contact or Add Organization page and search for them within Portfolio Manager (they need to have a Portfolio Manager account). Br The property contains a laboratory, which is typically an area used for experimentation/testing that has independently controlled and specifically designed environmental The property does not contain a laboratory. br br The 1-100 scale is set so that 1 represents the worst performing buildings and 100 represents the best performing buildings. HDD is calculated in this way for each day of the year and summed up to get the total annual Degree Days (CDD) /strong - Literally CDD is the equivalent number of days you would have to cool your building by 1 degree to accommodate. Supplemental Heating Supplemental Heating is entered as either Yes. Financial Office Financial Office refers to buildings used for financial services such as bank headquarters and securities and brokerage firms. Percent Used for Cold Storage Percent Used for Cold Storage is the total percentage of your property that is enclosed, insulated storage space intended for the cooling or freezing of goods, merchandise, raw materials, or manufactured products in buildings (or portions of buildings. Examples include vehicle service or repair shops, shoe repair, jewelry repair, locksmiths, etc. Annual totals are available for every energy type in Portfolio (grid, onsite solar, onsite hot chilled water (electric driven chiller, absorption chiller using natural gas, engine-drive chiller using natural gas, and liquid oil (no.

National Median The national median is an extremely useful benchmark: 50 of properties perform below the median, and 50 perform above local sex Moncton-Dieppe the median. Investment in Energy Projects Investment in Energy Projects is the total cost/investment for an energy upgrade at your property. If there are multiple systems operating at different levels of redundancy, choose the option that applies to the majority of the IT load. This number should reflect permanent seating capacity as the facility is typically used. When there are multiple buildings on a single parcel, the abid is the property ID plus an underscore and letter to denote each building (e.g. Energy use from these systems is "green" only if you retain the rights to the RECs. Nursing stations, exam rooms, physical therapy rooms, etc.) should be benchmarked with the Senior Care Community property use. Typically, such spaces are separated by walls and doors and have their own temperature and humidity Indicates that the property does not contain a Computer Lab. These IDs are associated with local legislation, national campaigns, or other large benchmarking activities. You should use this option if you do not think any of the above apply for your property, for example maybe your meters may include a cell phone tower that is unrelated to your that this designation is set separately for energy, water, and waste. A required action is complete if "Yes" or "Not Applicable" is selected.